26th Oct

Stand Up Paddleboarding is Addictive

Stand Up Paddleboarding is Addictive

Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP is one of the fastest growing pastimes right now. It’s so easy and if you asked me before I tried it, it looks kind of boring. Just paddling around on the water doesn’t sound that exciting but it can be as calm or exciting as you make it. I am converted! I like to SUP on the calmest of days, no wind, bright sun and some beautiful clear South Coast water. It is like above water snorkeling from that upright perspective. Even a slow paddle is a good workout and calming for the soul with the water slapping noises and repetitive movements. It encourages a strong core and good balance. Most times after a new person comes paddling they ask about buying a SUP for themselves.

Once you have done your flat water hours of practice you may want to go catch some waves. Also a lot of fun and a real challenge. Surfers have an advantage but everyone falls a lot in the beginning. It’s humbling for us life time surfers to wipeout that often and a steep learning curve for sure. SUPs are big and hard to handle in the waves so extra caution needs to be used. Always go with a friend and try not to go near swimmers or surfers as your board can do some real damage. I always wear a legrope so I am not trying to wrestle my board in awkward situations and I am quick to dismount if I think I’ll be hit by my board. Go around the break if you can or wait for a lull to paddle out. I’ve seen some crazy late dismounts as people are trying to punch through waves - this is super risky because as you dive off your SUP is coming at you with real force and can knock you out or dish out other bad injuries. If you are punching through stay on your feet in surf stance with knees bent, or jump off earlier so you can clear your boards trajectory. Stay safe and have fun.

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